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  1. I found your “Excommunicate Me… ” essay on CBC. It was part of the recommended feed from Pocket. I felt what you felt. Unlike you, however, I’m not really a very active activist. Not even in my own country. What you shared in your essay was something I also observed in the activist circles/accounts I follow on Tumblr. They are doing great work and without them, I wouldn’t have opened my eyes to the kind of subtle (and blatant) racism & sexism & micro-aggressions I dish out and experience. But I grew weary when it started to morph into a sort of institution, like you said, a “church”. It became less like a community & more like a club. If you don’t share the same opinions, you’re banned (or something like that).

    I’m so sorry that this is so long, but let me just say, that having differing opinions isn’t always a bad thing. So, thank you for writing your essay. It’s an important reminder not to go to the extreme, especially if we’re trying to eradicate discrimination on ethnicity, social class, gender, sexuality, etc.

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