The Boundaries Project

Project Dates: February – June 2017 

The Boundaries Project is a social media digital security project developed for communities most affected by Trump. I collaborated with Dr. micha cárdenas of the Poetic Operations Collaborative on this project; I developed the visual theme, branding, and design of each post and the accompanying WordPress site.


In the wake of the new presidency, it is imperative for women, LGBTQI people, people of color, immigrants, and Muslim people to understand the evolving risks of using modern communication tools and adopt basic security habits to protect themselves and their loved ones. As modern tech culture is largely dominated by white hetero cis men, these marginalized communities are less likely to have access to these knowledges.

Digital security tips in the form of short poems are posted twice a week on Instagram, with a description on the topic of the day and instruction links. While there are several comprehensive digital security guides online that this project was inspired by, such as A DIY Feminist Guide to Cybersecurity and Equality Lab’s Digital Security in the Age of Trump, The Boundaries Project presents this information in an accessible, easily digestible format.

Dr. micha cárdenas and I presented on The Boundaries Project at The Allied Media Conference 2017, in Detroit, MI.

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The Poetic Operations Collaborative (POC) is a design research lab at the University of Washington Bothell directed by Assistant Professor Dr. micha cárdenas. Including both graduate and undergraduate researchers, POC focuses on applying technological creativity to social justice. Current research projects use arts-based research practice to develop new technologies focused on safety and health for marginalized communities.

Screenshot of the @holdyourboundaries Instagram account