#Stronger Short Films

Project Dates: Winter & Spring 2017

#Stronger is a project of the Poetic Operations Collaborative (POC) that aims to develop a decolonial vision of futures of health, fitness and strength for trans and gender non-conforming people. I worked as a research assistant on the #Stronger project and interviewed 3 queer/trans community members about their relationships to movement. The questions I had in mind during this process: What is the relationship between fitness and safety? What are ways that queer/trans/disabled folks are resisting and changing mainstream gym culture? How can we promote health and fitness in our communities without being ableist or fatphobic?

Below are the three interview videos I shot and edited from those conversations.

Dorian Taylor, U.S. Paracanoe Athlete

ET Russian, Physical Therapist and Comics Artist

Gus Lanza, Crossfit Trainer