Starting Points

The sands beneath us keep shifting, and it’s hard to know what to hold onto.

Various threads we can explore together:

  • How to stay aligned with your core values while operating within imperfect institutions
  • How to identify and honor where the divine shows up in your life
  • How to find peace and joy amidst cancel culture and extreme political polarization
  • How to take steps to reclaim spiritual community after being harmed by religion, especially evangelical/fundamentalist forms of US Christianity
  • How to create your own spiritual practices without appropriating other cultures or repeating past injustices
  • How to partake in self-care without falling into the trap of neoliberalism
  • How to setup rituals to break away from the attention economy in order to access deep rest and reflection
  • How to deemphasize Western rationalism and reconnect with embodied ways of knowing
  • How to make space for grief while fighting for justice during the ongoing pandemic
  • How to stay hopeful and inspire others on a planet at the edge of climate apocalypse

Or, your heart’s stirrings might look like something else completely. I can support you as you traverse your particular journey. Fill out this application to request a free consultation.