Declining Marine Health Threatens Traditional Subsistence for Tribes
South Seattle Emerald
October 2020

Loss and Wholeness: An Interview with Beth Piatote
Humanities Washington
September 2020

In limbo: Will Washington codify environmental justice into law?
The Seattle Globalist
July 2020

Becoming a Bridge Person in Precarious Times
The Seventh Wave, Issue 11
May 2020

Why We Need Imperfect Apologies
Sisu Magazine, Issue 5: Black + White
December 2019

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June 2019

The family in the wilderness – Chia-Chia Lin’s Alaska
International Examiner
May 2019

When the personal is too political
CBC Sunday Edition
November 2018

On the Commodification of Suffering: Anti-trans Memos and the Fallacy of Empathy
Medium and The Seattle Globalist
October 2018

The Pain of Belonging
September 2018

No Justice Without Love: Why Activism Must Be More Generous
Open Democracy, Transformation
August 2018

Woker Than Thou: An Experimental Syllabus
July 2018

Toward An Ethics of Activism: A Community Investigation of Humility, Grace and Compassion in Movements for Justice (Medium)
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May 2018

Book review of Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir
International Examiner
February 2018

Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists
YES! Magazine
October 2017

Academics Against the Privilege of Academia
Imagining America
September 2017

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July 2017

Kin Aesthetics // Excommunicate Me From the Church of Social Justice
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July 2017

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April 2017

API Poets Defy Dominant Power Structures and Explore the Absurdity of Capitalism
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April 2017

Kin Aesthetics // Queer Kinship in a Trump Dystopia
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February 2017