Write, Design, Activate.

Hi, I’m Frances Lee.

My pronouns are they/them.

I write essays, give talks, and design stuff.

In 2017, I wrote “Excommunicate Me From the Church of Social Justice” because I was fed up with the impossible, dogmatic standards of activist culture. It helped ignite a public, national conversation about what our social movements lose when we value being right over being kind to one another. Later that year, I was included on the Bitch 50 as one of the most impactful cultural creators in the sphere of intersectional activism.

In 2018, I released an anthology as my master’s capstone: Toward An Ethics Of Activism: A Community Investigation of Humility, Grace and Compassion in Movements for Justice. My writing is purposefully interdisciplinary, weaving in perspectives I’ve gained from the various institutions I’ve wholeheartedly devoted myself to in the past- religion, academia, and the tech industry.

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I’m also a visual and UX designer. I utilize design as as a tool to increase engagement with prominent activist issues, such as trans rights, digital security in the modern surveillance state and cultural healing practices. I believe that activist media can both be aesthetically appealing and actively resist reproducing white eurocentric notions of “good” design.

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