Frances S. Lee

Spiritual direction for movement builders, change makers, and non-profit leaders.

Is your soul exhausted? Do you struggle to access joy and hope?

I provide leaders with spiritual direction to fortify their spiritual capacities and inner resilience.

Frances S. Lee (they/them) strongly believes that leaders at the forefront of social, economic and environmental justice need ongoing spiritual care to stay grounded for the long haul. They believe that everyone, especially those outside of organized religion, deserves spiritually rich and meaningful lives.

As a popular essayist, Frances publishes essays that infuse spiritual wisdom into movement building communities. Their piece “Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social Justice” ignited a national conversation about the need for more humility and grace in movements for justice.

Frances comes from three generations of ministers. They are currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School (Massachusett land). Their areas of focus are 道教/Taoism, decolonial theologies, and Buddhist chaplaincy.

Prior to becoming a spiritual director, Frances worked for more than a decade in non-profits, tech, and higher ed. They have a passion for creative arts and recently served on several advisory boards for arts organizations in the Seattle area (Coast Salish land).

Why I’m a Spiritual Director

“Spiritual direction aims to help us experience the eternal and the infinite aspects of our true nature through the wise, experienced and compassionate company of another human being.” (SDI)

As a queer and trans Chinese American who grew up in the evangelical Christian tradition, I have survived the application of rigid theological frameworks that don’t account for my expansive and fluid personhood.

For a variety of reasons, traditional religious structures do not work for many people. Yet we all possess spiritual needs and deserve to have them met without having to affiliate with a religion. As we have felt from the last few years of interlocking global crises, spiritual health is just as critical as mental, emotional, physical and other kinds of health.

I am passionate about supporting leaders with this experience who simply need activist culture to be much more life-affirming. Using tools from Cultural Studies and spiritual care, I help by infusing spaciousness where there is narrowness and choicefulness where there is rigidity. Then, the inner voice and sacred energy can begin to bloom.

Get inspired by potential starting points.

Read my spiritual biography.

How It Works

1 Apply

If you are a leader in movements for justice or non-profit spaces seeking spiritual direction, I would love to support you. Fill out this application to request a complimentary 50 minute initial consultation to see if we are a good fit.

My rate is $180 for 50 minutes of spiritual direction. However, I do offer sliding scale spots, so please indicate that in your application if needed.

2 Connect

In our call, you are invited to ask, say or wonder anything aloud. I will bear witness to all that you are holding and feeling. Here are some possible starting points.

As we continue to meet in our full sessions, I will be your faithful companion in exploring the nuances and contradictions of principled struggle and finding balance living in the world today.

3 Review

After each session, your homework is to send me an email with your takeaways and action items. I will respond with follow up questions for continued solo reflection and resources that are relevant to your areas of spiritual inquiry and growth.


“As I wrestle with the uncomfortable experience of being a human being trapped in systems of violence, Frances has been there supporting and affirming my struggle. Our sessions have been one of the very few places I’ve found where I can freely discuss the intersection of my spirituality and my politics, which is at the very core of my being.”

– K.

“Frances provides a deep container for values-aligned and intentional self-inquiry. Working with them gifted me with new tools to decrease judgment and increase curiosity as I relate to myself and others.”


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Disclaimer: Spiritual direction and coaching are not substitutes for counseling, psychotherapy or mental health care. If you are in need of professional psychological diagnosis and treatment, please reach out to a licensed physician or licensed mental health professional or psychologist. Visit NQTTCN to search for queer therapists of color in your area.