I write toward a more humane, compassionate culture of activism.

I’m a queer, trans Chinese American essayist, public speaker, and communications strategist.

My pronouns are they/them/theirs.

I created an anthology for educators and community study groups: Toward An Ethics Of Activism: A Community Investigation of Humility, Grace and Compassion in Movements for Justice. If you have cited or included my work in your syllabus, please donate to my tip jar.

I’m currently studying at Harvard Divinity School. If you want to follow along in my journey, read my blog.


We need people to build bridges, to be bridges, do bridge work: to grip onto disparate geographies, ideas, and other people for as long as possible.

Becoming a Bridge Person in Precarious Times, Seventh Wave

How do we apologize? What do apologies do? When is an apology good enough? If we’ve been wronged, how do we ask for an apology? How do we live without them?

Why We Need Imperfect Apologies, Sisu Magazine

“When the ability to feel the pain of marginalized people becomes an experiential checkbox, it can create the comforting sense of having done something to help, when you have actually done nothing.”

On the Commodification of Suffering: Anti-Trans Memos and the Fallacy of Empathy, Medium

“Do we believe we are worthy of love and belonging even when we no longer suffer?

When the political is too personal, CBC

“I want to spend less time antagonizing and more time crafting alternative futures where [activists] don’t have to fight each other for resources and care.” 

Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social Justice, Autostraddle