My pronouns are they/them.

I’m a writer, public speaker and visual designer.

I wrote “Excommunicate Me From the Church of Social Justice” because I was fed up with the impossible, dogmatic standards of activist culture.

Since then, I have written pieces that continue to interrogate cultural norms:

“Why We Need Imperfect Apologies”

“It Is Just Me, Or Does Activist Writing Need A Citational Practice?”

“On the Commodification of Suffering: Anti-Trans Memos and the Fallacy of Empathy”

and more.

My anthology, Toward An Ethics Of Activism: A Community Investigation of Humility, Grace and Compassion in Movements for Justice, features contributions from Dean Spade, Corinne Manning, Alicia Garza, E.T. Russian, Maisha Manson and Erin Burrows.

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