Image of Plenty crowdsourcing website homepage on a Mac desktop

Brand tile for Plenty, with logos and color palette

4 user personas: Social Justice Advocate, Struggling to Get By, Concerned Loved One, Armchair Do-Gooder

Plenty is a 100% fee-free crowdfunding website that allows users to help their local community members in need. I dreamt up and worked on this practice project as part of my certificate in UX/UI Design from Bloc. My design mentor was Helen Tran.

I created a user survey and recruited a variety of respondents including people who donate to crowdfunding sites, run crowdfunding campaigns or care about humanitarian issues, and extrapolated user personas from the responses.

For branding, I was inspired by feelings of abundance and hope. For Plenty’s color palette, I chose soft tones that reminded me of spring and new beginnings.

The goal of Plenty is to help people help others. When designing user flows in the wireframes, I bypassed features that delayed support, such as saving or favoriting a community member without pledging to support them, or passing along payment fees to supporters.

Project Date: August 2016

Client: Self (Student work for Bloc)

My Role: Student designer (Branding, User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping)

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